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Everything you need to motivate every student, whether you manage a classroom or an entire district.
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Get hours back each week and start motivating students with an individual teacher account.
Limited Activities and Library Access
Storage for up to 20 Activities
Interactive Lessons
Asynchronous Assignments
Engaging Assessments
Credit Card Only
Personal upgrades available within teacher accounts.
Purchase Order (PO)
Payable via check, credit card, or ACH transfer.
Encourage collaboration and seamlessly manage access, impact, and security.
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Everything for Schools, plus:
District-Level Data Privacy & Security
Dedicated District Success Manager
Rostering Integrations that keep everyone in sync
District-Level Sharing and Collaboration
Admin Dashboard for district-level impact and user management
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Purchase Order (PO)
Payable via check, credit card, or ACH transfer.
Open Library Access
Customize and curate endless lessons, assignments, and assessments.
Unlimited Storage
Create and save as many of your own activities as you like.
20-activity limit
Assessments, Lessons, and Curriculum Design
Teleport from 40M+ teacher-created activities
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Instantly mix and match from millions of activities.
All Question Types
Use multiple choice,  fill-in-the-blank, open-ended questions and more. Plus image, audio, and video responses.
Image & Video Search (Google Images, YouTube)
Find and add media from Google Images and YouTube.
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Import from Google Drive
Engage students with Power-Ups, Redemption Questions, and more.
Gamified Learning Elements
Engage students with Power-Ups, Redemption Questions, and more.
Make activities Private
Discourage cheating with the option to keep your content private.
Evaluate Open-Ended Questions
Use Manual Grading to assess students’ open-ended and higher-order responses.
Embed Audio & Video in activities
Make lesson slides, questions, and answer explanations interactive.
Audio & Video Responses
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Give students a voice and encourage higher-level thinking.
Show Your Work (with images/GIFs)
Let students upload images or GIFs that show their understanding.
Standards Tagging
Align content with state standards.
Schoolwide Shared Library
Collaborate and share activities with more colleagues.
Districtwide Shared Library
Collaborate and share activities with all colleagues.
Live or Student-Paced Delivery
Flexibly deliver class, group, and individual instruction and practice.
Enable Read Aloud in multiple languages
Promote equity, engage younger students, and empower English Language Learners.
Personalize with Adaptive Question Banks
Automatically personalize learning and address learning gaps.
Set deadlines with Timers
Schedule ahead with Extended Deadlines
Encourage practice with No Deadlines
Reopen expired assignments
Prep for testing with Review & Submit
Prevent browsing with Focus Mode
Data and Feedback
Management and Integrations
SSO with Google and Microsoft
Access through Clever Library
Co-Teaching and Teams
Sync Grades and Class Rosters with your LMS
Canvas, Schoology, and Google Classroom
Canvas, Schoology, and Google Classroom
Rostering Integrations to support all staff
Canvas, Schoology, and Google Classroom
Training and Support
Priority Support
Monthly Impact Reports
On-Demand Virtual Training
Live Professional Development
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Purchase Order (PO)
Payable via check, credit card, or ACH transfer.
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Purchase Order (PO)
Payable via check, credit card, or ACH transfer.

Only for schools and districts:

LMS Integrations

Sync grades and class rosters with Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology

Shared Library

Own your organization’s curriculum and improve collaboration and alignment

Standards-Based Reporting

Align content and reports to your state’s standards

Easy Implementation and Onboarding

Hands-on support (plus Live PD and a Dedicated Success Manager for districts)

100% Teacher Reimbursement

Full reimbursement for teachers on Quizizz Super plans


Can I purchase a plan with my ESSER, EANS, or Title I funds?
Yes, Quizizz was designed based on learning science principles; has been the subject of peer-reviewed studies; and qualifies for federal funding including ESSER, EANS, and Title I. Your Quizizz plan can support key initiatives such as SEL, accelerated learning, recovering lost instructional time, delivering high-dosage tutoring, and facilitating summer learning.
What’s the difference between Quizizz Basic and Quizizz for Schools and Districts?
Our Basic plan is designed for individual teachers, who can sign up for free. A Quizizz sitewide plan for your school or district unlocks
Unlimited library access and storage
Exclusive features like Standards Tagging and Adaptive Question Banks
A shared library for collaboration and assessments across your organization
Easy LMS integrations beyond Google Classroom
And more!
Contact us to learn more about how a Quizizz plan can empower every teacher and motivate every student at your organization.
What if my teachers already paid for their own plans?
We’ll fully reimburse teachers at your school or district who paid out of pocket to upgrade to Quizizz Super, as long as they upgraded during the current academic year.
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